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The Legend of Blood Castle

  • PG
  • 1973-09-10
  • 01:42:00
5/ 10
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This movie is a adaption of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory story. She killed over 600 people and used their blood in a attempt to stay young. Only her real life story took place in a castle in hungary in the 1500's. This story takes place in the 1800's and the main character is supposed to be a decendant of the evil countess. Many parts of the story are very similiar to the real countess who was walled up alive in her castle and her evil cohorts were all burned. In this story which is well photographed and done in a good straight forward manner; the evil countess makes her husband fake his death so he can kill victims for her.

The people of that century and earlier did in fact try the dead for being vampires and their idea of vampires is different from ours. They Believed the body stayed in the ground but the soul came out to suck the life or blood of the living. At least that's how most europeons looked at vampires until Bram Stokers "dracula" novel. So noone wanted to be a vampire back then , after all rotting in a grave and your soul is out and about is not romantic like a "Twilight" book. I would have rather seen a story about supernatural vampires in a castle but nthis story is good enough to be enjoyable for 1970's Europeon made horror film fans.

There is gore and bloodletting but it's not bad by todays standards. Someday someone will do a real faithful movie about Bathory and it will be very horrible indeed. The print of this movie looks pretty good and thanks to Mya for getting this older movie to our shores. Now if they can find some movie like 'orgy of the vampires" or other supernatural europeon vampire movie that has never been released with a decent print that would make many people happy. They are putting out 'Island of the fishmen" aka 'screamers" and that is excellent news indeed. The acting is very good in this movie and the whole enterprise was done by veterans and that's another reason to enjoy this movie as well.

It has a english soundtrack and original spanish as well. So if you are a fan of 1970's Europeon horror then you might enjoy this movie.