SassyFlix | The Long Island Cannibal Massacre

The Long Island Cannibal Massacre

  • NR
  • 1980-01-01
  • 01:35:00
4/ 10
213 votes

Horror, Thriller



A series of horrible murders prompts a massive police investigation. Inspector James Cameron, a two-fisted roughneck with his own philosophy on handling crime, heads the investigation. A group of lepers living in the Long Island wastelands have created a terror network, killing and feeding off the flesh of innocent victims.

Their leader has mutated into an invulnerable monster; he intends to propagate and strengthen his stronghold. Aided by his son Jack and a couple of motorcycle freaks, food is supplied to the clan via murder. As the authorities close in on the cannibal killers, an all-out bloodbath ensues.

Directed by:

Nathan Schiff

Writing Credits: