SassyFlix | The Mad Butcher

The Mad Butcher

  • R
  • 1971-02-18
  • 01:23:00
5/ 10
366 votes

Comedy, Crime, Horror



Though recently released from the loony bin, The Mad Butcher Otto Lehman is still seriously unhinged. With a healthy appetite for good meat and pretty women, Otto resumes his profession as "the best butcher in Vienna" while obsessing over Berta, a sexy neighbor who loves undressing in front of her window.

But when Otto's nagging wife, Anna, threatens to have him recommitted, Otto strangles her, then turns her into a string of delicious sausages. With his meat treats the hit of Vienna, Otto continues to grind people into sausage links until a suspicious crime reporter tries to stop him before Berta is added to the menu.