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The Mad Dog Killer

  • NR
  • 1977-10-29
  • 01:31:00
6/ 10
1115 votes

Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Dangerous criminal Nanni Vitali escapes from prison with four accomplices. The four steal a car, rob a petrol station and beat the owners to death. They then they kidnap Barbareschi, the person who had originally given the tip off to the authorities that led to Vitali's arrest. At the time of Barbareschi's kidnapping, there is also his woman, Giuliana, who is raped by Vitali himself while his accomplices beat up and kill Barbareschi. Commissioner Santini, son of the prosecutor who had sentenced Vitali, tries to stop him.

Battles continue between the two: the criminals blackmail Giuliana, trying to organize a robbery with her which is unsuccessful thanks to the confession of Giuliana, who goes to the police station to reveal the intentions of the criminals. Commissioner Santini then organizes a trap in which Vitali's accomplices are captured. They manage to escape, making his way by shooting his machine gun from a speeding car. Vitali visits his sister to ask her for money and tells her that he will leave the country only after settling accounts with Commissioner Santini and with Giuliana who has betrayed him.

Back in the city, he lurks in the building opposite the one where Giuliana is staying managing to wound her with a rifle. Later, having secured the collaboration of a young delinquent of his admirer, Aldo Pacesi known as Bimbo, kidnaps Carla and Judge Santini, respectively sister and father of the commissioner. Receiving phone calls asking for ransom, Inspector Santini locates the kidnappers in an abandoned shed in a small village. They shoot and kill Pacesi as Santini also manages to get the better of Vitali with a fight that ends in a hand-to-hand combat. The police intervene to arrest Vitali, and at the same time Santini's father, who had been wounded by Pacesi in a clumsy escape attempt, is taken away in an ambulance, remaining alive.