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The Naked Killers

  • R
  • 1978-08-24
  • 01:28:00
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An old soldier, marooned on an island with three orphan girls since WWII, lives an idyllic life until a sailboat carrying adventurers interrupts their paradise. The girls, now grown into healthy, vibrant young women, are fearful but curious about their new visitors until one of the men is injured. The girls take two of the men back to their dwelling, where they serve them food and drink to restore their health. One of the girls begins to fall in love with the injured man she is tending. Meanwhile, on the boat that carried them to the island, the other adventurers become concerned about the absence of the landing party and come ashore armed with guns. The old soldier warns the girls about this second group and they flee into the jungle. The men begin searching for their comrades, as well as a hidden golden treasure that doesn't exist. The real treasure, it seems, are the girls. The second group finds the girls and, after a short struggle, ties one of them up for torture in order to get the others to reveal the location of the treasure. The old soldier is shot and left for dead. When the leader of the group sends the others to rape the bound girl, the soldier stabs him in the back, takes his weapon, and kills the others.