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The People Who Own the Dark

  • R
  • 1976-10-27
  • 01:34:00
5/ 10
10 votes

Horror, Science Fiction

A group of people who about to experience a night dedicated to all Earthly pleasures known to mankind are saved from a nuclear explosion as they are gathered in the catacombs of an old castle.

To survive, the group must go to town to get supplies. All the people in town are blind, but they don’t accept those strangers taking their things.

Leaded by a born blind, the people will defend themselves and violence will spread. The town’s people will attack the castle where the group took refuge as the radiation is about to reach them.

Review: A very curious movie, with nice ideas but not such a great accomplishment. A mixture of the fear of nuclear war with a tone of La Grande Bouffe, it makes for an entertaining movie.

This is one of my favorite Eurohorror movies and it is beyond me why it hasn’t been released on DVD. Directed by Leon Klimovsky (Vampire’s Night Orgy and Dracula Saga) and featuring Paul Naschy in a supporting role along with a lot of absolutely beautiful women, it is a great example of 70’s Eurohorror.

A group of rich weirdos get together for some kind of De Sade orgy kind of deal. There is what appears to be an earthquake right when they are about to really cut loose. It turns out that it was actually a nuclear explosion. They decide to stock up on supplies and hide out in the mansion while they wait for help to come.

They make a run to town for food and are surprised to see that everybody else was rendered blind by the blast. They are confused and in a panic as a result. As I am sure you are well aware, it is a short leap from panic to crazed stick wielding killer mobs. The blind people organize and set out to kill any sighted person they can find.

People Who Own the Dark is an absolute must see for Eurofans.