SassyFlix | The Slaughter of the Vampires

The Slaughter of the Vampires

  • PG
  • 1962-02-06
  • 01:12:00
5/ 10
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In 19th Century Austria, a newly wed couple Marquis Wolfgang (Walter Brandi) and Louise (Graziella Granata) acquire a castle. To commemorate the occasion, Louise performs a piano piece she has written during a party. Louise then feels a strange sensation and retires to her room. She is visited by a vampire (Dieter Eppler) who she originally sees at the party she was in and sucks her blood, leading her to desire him. As a result, Louise's health declines which leads to Wolfgang seeking aid from Dr. Nietzsche (Luigi Batzella). Wolfgang is too late as when the doctor arrives Louise is already dead. As the doctor diagnoses this, Wolfgang is shocked to find Louise alive as she approaches him and sucks his blood. The doctor later seeks out Louise's hiding place and stakes her to death, along with the servant Corrine, who is also a vampire. Wolfgang's hiding spot is not found as the doctor seeks another abode in the castle. Wolfgang, who is not entirely converted into a vampire, corners his adversary and stakes him with spikes of an iron grating.