SassyFlix | Together Brothers

Together Brothers

  • PG
  • 1974-08-07
  • 01:34:00
7/ 10
2 votes

In one of the poorer neighborhoods of Galveston, Texas, a popular and respected black police officer nicknamed Mr. Kool (Ed Bernard) dies in a hail of bullets, and the only witness to the crime is 5-year-old Tommy (Anthony Wilson). The killer, face unseen, reluctantly attempts to shoot the boy, but the gun is empty.

Tommy is struck mute by shock and the killer begins stalking him. However, Tommy's older brother H.J. (Ahmad Nurradin) is the leader of a small local gang of Black youths called "Brothers United." The gang members make it their mission to protect Tommy while simultaneously working to bring Mr. Kool's unknown killer to justice.