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War Victims

  • NR
  • 1983-06-01
  • 01:36:00
4/ 10
33 votes

Action, Drama, War

The film Kamp tawanan wanita begins with the delivery of a group of women in the Japanese camp, located in the middle of the jungle. Here they are treated like animals: beaten, tortured, humiliated, deprived of food, etc. The camp strongly disagree with the treatment of prisoners, but he could not resist the orders from above, and even trying to contact the top military ranks and raise this question, but all in vain. Meanwhile, ordinary soldiers and guards revel in their power and otherwise mock prisoners girls. Gradually brought torture and violence to the extreme end, the women decide to escape.

At night, when the boss left the camp and left only a few guards, they make an escape, but unfortunately most of the fugitives are killed at the hands of protection from wild animals and traps, which are crammed around the jungle camp. One of the girls sends a secret message resistance, and has an affair with the head of the camp, which is very much suffering over this whole situation, and genuinely wants to help. He tries to stop torture than angering his own men, who already thinks of his murder. But their plans to prevent rebel attacks. The camp will be destroyed, and the survivors will find freedom. But how many people will survive this bloody slaughter?