SassyFlix | We're Going to Eat You

We're Going to Eat You

  • NR
  • 1980-01-01
  • 01:30:00
6/ 10
869 votes

Action, Comedy, Horror



A secret agent named Agent 999 is in trying to apprehend a thief named Rolex. His hunt leads him to a village where residents routinely capture visitors and eat them. Although the cannibalistic ritual has been initiated by the town chief, the villagers feel close to rebelling against him as more of their food has been given to his soldiers than the townspeople.

Agent 999 is rescued from the villagers by Rolex, who has been posing at the village chief's assistant. He rescues Agent 999 as an act to help redeem his career. Soon after, Rolex is caught by the village chief and eaten. This leads to Agent 999 escaping from several different villagers along with a newfound love in his life named Eileen.