SassyFlix | Women in Cell Block 7

Women in Cell Block 7

  • R
  • 1973-07-05
  • 01:40:00
5/ 10
158 votes

Crime, Drama

To save her father, Carmelo Musumeci, accused by a gang of drug traffickers of making twenty kilos of heroin "disappear", young Lilly is incarcerated - insulting two traffic police officers - in order to get in touch with a girl, Daniela Vinci, who knows how things really went. Ignoring that the parent, in an attempt to escape the gang, died falling from a ruined house,

Lilly manages to wrest the young woman of the disappeared heroine - after some futile attempts, and while mysterious recluses searched with the complicity of a supervisor, to terrorize Daniela to prevent her from speaking. Knowing the truth, however, will be of no use because, warned by the director of the prison, a faithful servant of the drug traffickers will - after his release - kill both her and the police commissioner to whom he had entrusted the information obtained by Daniela.