SassyFlix | Women's Prison Massacre

Women's Prison Massacre

  • NR
  • 1983-08-31
  • 01:29:00
4/ 10
929 votes

Action, Crime, Drama

Emanuelle is sent to a violent women's prison. While she is in prison, she comes into confrontation with the "top dog" inmate Albina, ending in a series of fights. Albina gets the worse of it, including a broken arm, a knife in her leg, and her wig pulled off. Following a series of cat fights and arguments, the women's lives are interrupted by the arrival of four male death row inmates led by "Crazy Boy" Henderson, who break into the prison.

The male convicts proceed to rape, mutilate, and torture the female inmates (involving a sick game of Russian roulette), and executions. One convict is killed when a SWAT team attempts to invade the prison. Another is killed by a female inmate who hides a razor blade inside her vagina before enticing him to have his way with her. Henderson and the remaining male con attempt to break out using the warden, Emanuelle, and a wounded sheriff as human shields. After a gory finale, Emanuelle and the sheriff are the only characters left alive, and the sheriff promises to reopen her case.