SassyFlix | Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

  • R
  • 2007-08-25
  • 01:36:00
6/ 10
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Reality show contestant Kimberly is driving through the West Virginia back country searching for the location of her next project. While driving, she accidentally hits a teenager. She stops to help him, but he turns out to be an inbred cannibal, who bites her lips off. She attempts to escape but runs into Three Finger, who splits her in half with his axe before he and the cannibal Brother drag her body halves away.

Former U.S. Marine Colonel Dale Murphy is hosting a survival reality game show The Apocalypse: Ultimate Survivalist, in production at the West Virginia forest. With Kimberly's unknown absence, the show's producer Mara reluctantly takes her place to participate in the show with the other contestants: Iraq veteran Amber, lingerie model Elena, former football player Jake, skateboarder Jonesy, and graphic artist Nina. As the game starts, Three Finger and another mutant cannibal Pa murder the television crew and abduct Dale. Mara enters a cabin to find a telephone as Nina follows her. While looking around the cabin, they hear the occupants return and hide in a bedroom. Mara and Nina witness a female cannibal, Ma, giving birth to a deformed baby. Her daughter Sister spots them in the bedroom, forcing the two to escape through the toilet pit. They run into the woods, but Mara is hit in the head with a hatchet thrown by Pa. Nina searches for the others as the cannibals collect Mara's body. At the lake after M and Elena have sex he leaves and Elena stays to tan in her underwear when she hears a noise she starts to get dressed as Sister emerges and slashes to death with a machete while Pa and Ma hijack the RV and capture cinematographer M.

Dale manages to escape and battles Three Finger, ending the fight after Dale shoots the cannibal into the lake with a shotgun. He then enters the mutant family's cabin and finds the old gas station attendant, who reveals how the cannibals' mutations were caused by inbreeding and effluent dumped in the river from an abandoned paper mill 30 years ago. The man, who is revealed to be the guardian of Three Finger and the two other inbred mountain men who have been killed, attacks Dale to avenge their deaths. After a brief skirmish, Dale kills the old man by blowing him up with a stick of dynamite. Meanwhile, the three other contestants are eating some meat found by Amber and Jonesy when Nina returns to explain her story. They then realize that they have been eating Kimberly's leg and attempt to escape but Nina separates from the group while they're fighting Brother and Sister. Jake rescues Nina from a pit and they jump into the river to escape Sister.

After Amber and Jonesy are killed while searching for help, Nina and Jake enter the mill and find a garage with vehicles stolen from prior victims. They find the RV, and Jake enters it only to witness M being decapitated by Ma on a live feed monitor inside. Nina and Jake attempt to leave, but the cannibals capture them. The next day, while the two are held hostage, Dale sneaks into the compound to distract the cannibal family who were eating their dinner and manages to kill Brother and Sister with a dynamite stick attached to an arrow. He frees Nina and Jake, but is killed by Ma and Pa, who are incensed by the deaths of their children. Nina successfully escapes, but Jake wanders into a room fitted with a tree debarker, where he is attacked by Ma and Pa. Nina returns to the mill and kills Ma and Pa with the debarker. Nina and Jake find Kimberly's abandoned sportscar and drive away.

Meanwhile, Three Finger has survived and is seen raising the mutant family's baby, feeding it with a bottle of effluent and a human finger.