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1990: The Bronx Warriors

  • R
  • 1982-08-22
  • 01:29:00
5/ 10
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In a post-apocalyptic New York City, a policeman infiltrates the Bronx Warriors, which has become a battleground for several murderous street gangs. It’s the dead of night, and nobody at all is on the street. On the other side of the bridge, a Manhattan runaway, girl named Young Ann is attacked by a gang of street hockey players! These guys are on roller skates, dressed in fiberglass safety gear, and are wielding hockey sticks as weapons. They chase Young Ann into a dead end and surround her, but then they are themselves surrounded by a much tougher-looking gang who at least have the self-respect to ride motorcycles. In the middle of this chaos, gang leader Trash steps in to take care of her.

This movie isn’t post-apocalyptic in strict terms, not like 2019: After the Fall of New York who was more similar to Mad Max, this film is more similar to Escape from New York. I won’t go so far saying that this movie is better than Escape from New York, but Bronx Warriors is more entertaining movie. Escape from New York tells us about dead man’s land, The Bronx Warriors, gives us an ability to travel around dead man’s land and get to know better this world. The biggest flaws was some really stupid dialogs, sometimes it felt that you are watching a puppets or something like that. But there was some great action sequences, mostly fighting scenes, but there was also some great stunts. The best fighting scenes were the ones with Fred Williamson. There were lots of gangs and colorful characters too. It’s really cool action flick and is worth watching if you are a fan of movies like Mad Max, Escape from New York or 2019: After the Fall of New York.

Description: This film has looked in 1982, not without a certain irony after the onset predicts a gloomy 1990. On the streets of New York’s Bronx does not terrorize the population of runaway youth motorcycle gangs, the Bronx and he is still, fortunately, was not declared a high-risk, which is off limits to anyone, even the police. However, in the picture of a brave police Lt. Hammer still decided to fight with the scoundrel who call themselves the Warriors. This gang is headed bastard on the landmark nickname Garbage, which is exactly what has allowed American critics define their attitude to the Italian band, filmed in English, only one word: “Rubbish.”

But even funnier sounds term “spaghetti-thriller.” After all, the Italian director Enzo G. Castellari took a lot of “spaghetti westerns”, and at the turn of the 80s smelled a chance situation, blindly imitating the American sci-fi thriller. He did not try to hide the fact that a lot of bands borrowed “Warriors” by Walter Hill and “Escape from New York” by John Carpenter. And in Italy suddenly found a new legislator of fashion: then there were other “Spaghetti Westerns» – “Texas 2000”, “2019: After the fall of New York”, “Warriors of 2072,” etc. In 1984, Castellari shot sequel, called “Escape from the Bronx” – as if specially for those who had not thought about plagiarism with respect to said Carpenter’s film.

Review: Italian version of «Escape from new York». The film can enjoy only those who are nostalgic for post-apocalyptic fiction 80’s, so much so that not looking at the actors ‘ performance, setting the action scenes and the script. The rest can be satisfied with «Escape from new York» is much better.