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92 in the Shade

  • R
  • 1975-08-22
  • 01:33:00
6/ 10
7 votes

Comedy, Drama

Thomas McGuane directed the film and wrote the script. He was married to one of the film's female stars and had a scandalous affair with the other, as detailed in the autobiography Actress authored by Elizabeth Ashley.

Fonda said he was "not exactly thrilled with" the movie saying "I hoped it would turn out to be a better film. I like it in some ways. ..I’m not happy with the editing and some of the music. You know, it was a film I very much wanted to produce myself, but Eliot Kastner got his hands on the property and produced it. Tm not crazy about Kastner. You see, after he gets a project off the ground, he usually doesn't give a rat's ass about it”.

When spoiled Tom Skelton (Peter Fonda) comes back home to Key West, Fla., he decides to put his wayward days behind him and start a business. Borrowing from his wealthy grandfather (Burgess Meredith), he opens a fishing guide service and immediately runs afoul of the competition. Blue collar guides Nichol Dance (Warren Oates) and Carter (Harry Dean Stanton) resent Tom, and try to pressure him into quitting. Tom retaliates by blowing up their boat, and the conflict only escalates from there.