SassyFlix | A Sweet Sickness

A Sweet Sickness

  • NR
  • 1968-11-15
  • 01:05:00
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Dee, an inexperienced actress from a small town, comes to Los Angeles to find a career in the theater without prostituting herself. Her disillusionment begins when the manager of the building where Dee shares an apartment with a friend, arrives to collect the rent, finds Dee naked, and rapes her. Dee is not discouraged, however, and she agrees to appear at a stag party arranged by her agent and have her clothing auctioned off. A drunk who bids $250 for her underpants later forces his way into Dee's dressing room, expecting more for his money. Dee rebuffs him and is beaten by the club's manager for insulting his patron. In her search for another apartment, Dee is attacked and chloroformed by a rental agent, and she awakens to find herself at a wild orgy. She passes out, wakes up in a telephone booth smelling of whiskey, and is unable to convince the police that she was abducted. Despondent, Dee finally acquiesces to her agent's wishes, and he forces her to have sex with him to demonstrate her willingness to cooperate. The agent arranges an appointment for Dee with a movie producer--none other than the drunk from the stag party. A more mature woman because of her recent experiences, Dee has intercourse with the producer.

Directed by:

Jon Martin

Writing Credits:

G. Foy