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Age of Consent


A grizzled Australian painter decides to jolt his stale creativity in a remote island on the Great Barrier Reef, where he meets an alluring young islander who becomes his enchanting model. Could the untamed girl be his long-awaited muse?

Bradley Morahen – a famous Australian artist, who pays huge aliments, preparing to leave home. He’s heading to the Great Barrier Reef, to settle in a tumbledown shack on the island of his dreams far from the mainland. Live on the island just gin soaked old woman, wholooks like a witch, her granddaughter Cora, and Izbel Marley, who starved whiout men’s attention.


Three Reasons to See this Movie

One, to hear that phat, sonorous voice of James Mason. Even in a lousy movie - which this one is not - he is the Voice of God (or at least the English one).

Two, this is a great Coming-of-Age movie, showing the awakening of the inner woman in a teenage girl.

Ah, yes, ... and three, ... This is a good chance to see a 24-year old Helen Mirren in the buff on the beach.

A delightful gem

Gorgeous scenery ... after the first few city scenes , it's like taking a 100 minute tropical vacation....

Okay perfect movie

Not a block buster but a perfectly shot, sweet story..

Life is art, enjoy it while you can

Age of Consent is a feeling where you are free to be yourself. The reefs are a pleasant place to be to get away from it all. You have a successful, but bored artist(James Mason) who lives in New York City, but his originally from Australia. He goes back to a desert island to escape from the bustling city life. There, he wants to recapture the love of art. Over there, he has his dog, Godfrey, and over there he meets a wild woman named Cora(Helen Mirren). She on the other hand is not happy with the island life. She's saving herself money for beauty school. But she has one obstacle, her drunken grandmother. Both he and Cora, decided to work together to help him get back to the love of art. She was his muse. Back in the day, this movie was criticized for the nude scenes. I think that this is for art students to watch. I say that it's perfect for art majors. Both then and now. I'm not bothered by the movie one bit. The underwater scenes are very soothing in every way. I live looking at the reefs, corals, and other underwater life there. The movie is a solid keeper here! 5 stars!

Delightful trifle of old man playing Robinson on desert island with too many girls around of and out of age

James Mason was 60 and Michael Powell 64 as they made this film together on a small island in the Great Barrier Reef outside Australia, a comedy about a painter seeking seclusion and finding the opposite, as three other ladies appear to be living on the island, one with a small dog, which James Mason's dog Godfrey gets the better of. Godfrey is the best character of this delightful comedy displaying on a small scale but still the full range of Michael Powell's genius. Just the introductory scene immediately presents a flash of genius, setting the tropical mood, ending up on a Rolex watch, which takes you brusquely out of the underwater tropics, - but stay on, there will be enough of them later still.

Age of Consent

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