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Daniella by Night

  • NR
  • 1961-04-28
  • 01:30:00
4/ 10
127 votes

Action, Drama

Daniella, a fashion model, goes to Rome to replace a model who's been murdered. Once there, she meets two men, Count Castellani, whose clothes she'll model, and Karl Bauer, a reporter in the hotel room next to hers. Castellani gives Daniella the spotlight, which prompts jealousy from another model. Is he merely trying to seduce her? It's soon apparent that he has other plans as well: the line of clothes is a cover for smuggling and perhaps espionage. Daniella may be in danger - one model is dead already. Is Bauer to be her protector, or is he after something too? Is anyone who they seem?


Directed by:

Max Pécas

Writing Credits: