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Femmine Carnivore

  • NR
  • 1970-12-22
  • 01:20:00
5/ 10
193 votes

Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller



The attractive Eve, a stressed-out secretary suffering from crippling anxiety, takes a lengthy train ride to the Van Marens psychiatric retreat. Upon arriving Eve finds a seeming country haven staffed entirely by women.

Eve is given drugs, allegedly so she can sleep better. In her drugged state she wanders out of her room one night and opens a hallway door, out of which tumbles a man’s corpse with a knife in its back. Eve attempts to tell her feminist superiors of her find but is just given more drugs and told to forget about it.

The following morning Eve is accosted by the retreat’s burly gardener—named, appropriately enough, Adam. Finding a pair of discarded shoes that apparently belonged to the dead man, Eve hops in a cab en route—she thinks—to the local police station. In fact she’s drugged once again and brought back to Van Marens, where more madness awaits.

Eve comes to learn that man-hating is the norm at Van Marens. That fact is brought home in a major way at an outdoor protest led by the clinic’s overseers, in which women of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to show their tits and burn their bras.

That night another man is killed, this time by being drowned in the clinic’s pool. Eve witnesses the killing and is appalled…though not all that much. If anything, she seems to be finally adapting to Van Marens, and finding she shares the none-too-refined views of its overseers.