SassyFlix | If He Hollers, Let Him Go!

If He Hollers, Let Him Go!

  • NR
  • 1968-10-08
  • 01:46:00
6/ 10
108 votes

Crime, Drama

After breaking out of prison where he has been serving time on trumped-up charges of rape and murder, black convict James Lake encounters wealthy Leslie Whitlock, who takes him to a mansion owned by his wife, Ellen. Whitlock plans to inherit his wife's money by bribing Lake to murder her in return for $10,000 and a means of escape, but Lake, after unsuccessfully attempting to warn Ellen of the danger she faces, flees from the house.

While eluding the police, Lake recalls his past affair with Lily, a beautiful nightclub singer. Realizing that his chances of reaching safety by himself are virtually impossible, Lake returns to the mansion and forces the Whitlocks to drive him through police roadblocks and hide him in their mountain cottage. After Lake has tricked Whitlock into exposing his murderous scheme, Lake and Ellen race from the cottage and make their way to the home of Lake's brother, William.

There he discovers that Lily, assuming that he would be in jail for life, has married William. Nevertheless, Lily agrees to help Lake establish his innocence. With her assistance, as well as that of his other friends, Lake traces the murdered girl's stepfather, Carl Blair, to a warehouse and forces him to confess to the brutal murder. Whitlock arrives with the police, but a gunfight breaks out, and Whitlock is killed. With Blair now arrested, Ellen pledges to use her money and influence to clear Lake's name.