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Lethal Pursuit

  • R
  • 1988-05-12
  • 01:35:00
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Action, Crime, Thriller

Right on the spline of the VHS box this tape came in, clearly says “action adventure”. But….of all the folks I’ve ever known who’s seen this movie, every one of em watched it for one reason and one reason only…….Mitzi Kapture. They didn’t watch it because of her extraordinary Shakespearean quality talent as an actress, or for her uncanny ability to lip sync as a rock and roll star, and trick us all into believing that it was really her singing. It’s because every one of em, had watched her on “Silk  Stalkings”, fell in love with those gorgeous legs that went straight on up to one bodacious booty, and dreamed of the day that they could see her naked. Not knowing of course that she’d appeared in a couple of flicks earlier in her career, had done just that, then got a job on tv and could keep her clothes on. Anyways….this is one of those previously mentioned movies that sexy Mitzi shows some skin, and comes in as a fresher than fresh, just came in the mail, transfer of it from VHS with hard coded subtitles. The 1988 Mitzi Kapature skin exposing “action adventure…… Lethal Pursuit.

Rock star Debra J (Mitzi Kapture) and her new sweetheart return to her hometown in this routine non-action thriller. The two go to the now-abandoned cabin where she once lived, and there they discover a wounded teenage boy hiding from a cadre of car thieves who have already killed two of his friends. When the couple attempts to take the boy to the local hospital for treatment, the thugs find them and finish the boy off. Debra soon discovers the murderous gangleader is her disgruntled ex-boyfriend who later rapes her. Now it is up to the rock star's fearful boyfriend to muster enough courage to stop the psychotic gang leader.