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Lusty Neighbors

  • NR
  • 1969-01-01
  • 00:48:00
3/ 10
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A young couple is introduced to mate swapping with unfortunate results in this softcore sexploitation drama. Betty and Jim are a newlywed couple living in the California suburbs. One day, while chatting with her neighbor Marcia, shy Betty confesses that she's unable to satisfy Jim's sexual appetite, and Marcia invites the couple over for some nude sunbathing, which she says has done wonders for her relationship with husband Bill. When Betty and Jim stop by to visit Marcia and Bill it has uncooperatively started to rain, and so instead they play a strip board game, and while Betty is too timid to make love with Jim in front of the neighbors, Marcia and Bill have no such qualms about sharing their lust. After several visits to uninhibited parties with their friends, Betty remains hesitant but Jim joins in with enthusiasm; Betty finally enjoys a sexual breakthrough with her friend Marcia, but soon Bill and his friends use force to introduce her to the rest of the group.

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