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Mondo Freudo

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  • 1966-04-26
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A “hidden camera” takes the viewer on a worldwide tour of sexual practices and rituals, including Tijuana strippers, Asian sex shows, British prostitutes, New York devil worshipers and a Mexican slave market.

In 1966, the notorious producer/director/distributor team of Lee Frost and Bob Cresse (HOT SPUR, THE SCAVENGERS) combined the extremes of the Mondo genre with their own depraved aesthetic to create two shockumentaries that changed the face of exploitation forever. Cresse himself narrates MONDO FREUDO, “a world of sex and the strange & unusual laws that govern it” featuring Hollywood strippers, Tijuana hookers, London lesbians, Times Square Satanists and topless Watusi clubs. In MONDO BIZARRO, the team’s “hidden cameras” go “beyond the beyond” to expose Bahamian voodoo rites, Japanese massage parlors, Nazi theater, and an Arab sex slave auction that looks suspiciously like LA.’s Bronson Canyon. Both films have been scanned into HD from the original 35mm vault negatives.


Mondo Shmondo

This is a strange film to call a mondo film. Seems to be a better name for it would have been Hidden Camera T&A, or maybe Mondo Nude-o. The entire film seems to be faked. They supposedly travel around the world, but models on a supposedly call girl billboard in London are recognized as American models from New York. A girl who supposedly lived in London all her life, has no English accent at all! If that was true, it would be AMAZING, sadly I think they were just BSing us.

Basically what you have here is scene after scene of girls finding reasons to take off their clothes and show the viewer some T&A. A man who uses nude girls to paint on. Men who go to private clubs to leer at strippers, call girls lesbians who will get naked and let men watch them make out. Tijuana, where poverty, slave trading and nudity go hand in hand. There are no genuine strange customs or rituals. (well unless you consider obvious fake satanic cults who get nude a ritual) There certainly is no animal mutilation (can you make a mondo film without animal mutilation!?) This comes off as an attempt to cash in on the Mondo craze and show some skin, lots of skin.

It's all pretty slow moving and tame by todays standards I suppose. Obviously completely bogus, the film is nicely shot and there are an awful lot of naked girlies to keep you entertained, so I suppose it's not a total waste. Still not what I'd consider required viewing, not even sure I'd consider it a mondo film.

Amusing crock doc

Warning: Spoilers

Director Lee Frost and producer Bob Cressee once again use the hidden camera gimmick as an excuse to luridly present all kinds of deviant practices and oodles of bare female flesh. Among the sordid sights to be savored herein are teenager girls in poverty-stricken Tijuana being sold into prostitution, two lesbians in London who are willing to perform in front of sleazy guys for a price, mud wrestling at a club in Germany, a topless fashion show, a BDSM stage show in Japan, busty brunette stripper Baby Bubbles strutting her sizzling stuff on stage, and, best of all, an obviously bogus Puerto Rican black mass ritual in New York City that concludes with a sacrificial virgin having pig's blood smeared all over her writhing torso. The plummy-voiced narrator spews all sorts of ridiculous nonsense. Of course the bulk of what's seen in this doc is faked, but it's still good for a sizeable volume of trashy laughs just the same.


Warning: Spoilers

Mondo Freudo is all about "a world of sex and the strange & unusual laws that govern it," as told by two absolute maniacs: the producer/director/distributor team of Lee Frost and Bob Cresse, with Cresse himself ranting as we try and make it through another swing through the world of mondo.

Hollywood strippers, Tijuana hookers, London lesbians, Asian sex shows, Times Square Satanists and topless Watusi clubs. Hidden cameras have recorded everything from teenagers making out to a Mexican slave market, a Black Mass near Times Square, while we also see people get painted, beaten and wrestle in mud.

Cresse would go on to make Love Camp 7 and plenty of other upsetting - or awesome - movies before his life fell apart one day while he walked his dog. Coming across two men beating a woman in broad daylight on Hollywood Boulevard, Cresse pulled his gun and ordered the men to stop. Turns out they were cops and shot him in the stomach and then killed his dog. He'd spend seven months in the hospital with no health insurance, losing most of his fortune.

Frost would make The Black Gestapo and put sex inserts into a foreign mondo all about the occult, creating the near-class Witchcraft '70. He was smart enough to not fight any police.

pretty boring overall but has some value.........

This mondo feature (released as a double feature of Mondo Bizarre & Mondo Freudo) both are a pretty tame affairs. Released in 1966, these films say a lot about the mental state of men during these times.

The way the film is made it obviously highlights mainstream mens repressed sexual fascination with women. That being said, for balance the film makers included one token half naked male.

Everything is obviously faked as the viewer is exposed to everything from bra fittings behind double sided mirrors, lovers frolicking on the beach, to strip club shows to slave auctions in the desert. All contrived to tell the story of men perving on naked women in different situations.

There is little here of value to educate or shock, considering to what's available to anyone with internet access in todays modern world.

The film is rather a time capsule highlighting the nature of mens sexual desires and fantasies in the mid sixties.


If it were possible to give a movie zero stars, this would be it. I have seen many other mondo movies and this one easily takes the 'booby' prize as worst one created - by far.

I have to give credit to Something Weird Video for putting this stuff out on dvd but surely there are many more deserving movies of this treatment?


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Lee Frost

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