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Naked Vengeance


Carla Harris, a beautiful but not so successful actress from L.A., witnesses how her husband is tragically killed in an attempt to save a woman from her male attacker. She travels to her parents' home in a small town in the mountains to get some rest only to be repeatedly harassed by redneck locals and a teenager. The local sheriff refuses to help and so it all ends up in a gang rape and with Carla's parents shot dead. Carla survives and escapes from the mental hospital to seek bloody revenge.


The rape scene is incredibly realistic,

The plot is great as well as the presentation of it. I could not believe the rape scene to be anything but REAL. The movie as a whole is really worth viewing and is really enjoyable with all the suspense and tension in it. I think it is a classic, and you will never forget it. Actually, I viewed it for the first time in the cinema, and I find myself looking for it on the internet 15 yrs later. I could not find it yet, but i will continue my digging. In the mean time, I encourage anyone who have a copy to make it available for others as I hate to see such a great movie be forgotten. Deborah Tarnelli was really great on this film and I think this movie had contributed a lot to her later success.

Naked Vengeance

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