SassyFlix | One Way Ticket to Hell

One Way Ticket to Hell

  • NR
  • 1955-07-07
  • 01:01:00
3/ 10
218 votes

Crime, Drama

Pert, pretty high-schooler Cassandra Leigh opts for the easy life of a pot-smoking biker to avoid the demands of her neurotic mother. When Cassandra's grades slip, destroying her college plans, she marries a love-smitten swain. But soon the bored young bride looks up her old thrill-seeking buddies, and splits from home.

Soon Cassandra is peddling dope on the streets to finance her growing list of addictions. A young Mexican eventually makes her his partner, in crime and otherwise. With the police on their heels, the young lovers are forced to ditch a stolen car in the desert and take refuge in a shallow cave. As the posse closes in, he abandons her and the deputies nab her when she's semi-conscious. The court sends her to a Federal Narcotics Hospital.

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