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Porky's II: The Next Day

  • R
  • 1983-06-24
  • 01:38:00
6/ 10
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The Angel Beach High School Drama Club is producing a Shakespeare Festival in which the group from the first film is participating. A religious leader named Bubba Flavel wants to halt the production because his group, "The Righteous Flock," believe Shakespeare is indecent and profane. Flavel recruits the support of the local Ku Klux Klan chapter by informing them that the Festival will feature an interracial kiss between John Henry, a Seminole student playing Romeo, and a white Juliet played by Wendy. The students seek the help of County Commissioner Gebhardt, who promises to pull some strings to keep the Festival running on the condition that seventeen-year-old Wendy will go on a date with him. When it becomes clear that the "date" requires her to have sex with him, Wendy refuses and Gebhardt reneges on his promise. Though the Angel Beach principal supports his students, he is forced to cancel the Festival in the face of public outcry. The Angel Beach gang plots revenge against Flavel, Commissioner Gebhardt, the rest of the county commissioners, and the Klan.

The teens discover that the county commissioners, while publicly espousing decency and morality, secretly gather to watch stag films in the courthouse basement. The gang takes a tape recorder to the courthouse and record the commissioners' crude commentary on the films, which include remarks that Flavel provided the pornography.

Pretending she has changed her mind, Wendy agrees to a date with Gebhardt at a classy restaurant. Wendy arrives in a deliberately showy, vulgar gown with her breasts artificially inflated by a secret container of fake vomit. Throughout dinner, she constantly shouts out Commissioner Gebhardt's name, his upcoming reelection, and her own age, alerting the other patrons to the situation. Once she has the attention of the entire restaurant, she announces that Gebhardt took her virginity and that she is now carrying his child. Finally, to complete Gebhardt's humiliation, she uses the fake vomit to pretend to throw up in a fountain. When Gebhardt tries to sneak away, Peewee jumps out with a camera, promising to send the photos to the local newspapers.

Meanwhile, the Klan attacks and beats John Henry. Learning of this, the gang lures the Klansmen (who are on their way to Flavel's celebratory revival meeting at the high school) into the school gym, where a group of Seminoles hold down the Klansmen while the gang's Jewish friend Brian shaves their heads with an izmel. The Angel Beach gang and the Seminoles then strip the Klansmen naked and force them to run across the stage of Flavel's revival. In the confusion, the gang commandeers the public address system and plays the recording from the courthouse basement. The outraged crowd turns on Flavel, the county commissioners, and the Klan, who are all forced to flee. As there is already a crowd at the high school and the performers are all present, the principal announces that the Festival is reinstated and will take place immediately. The students perform for a huge audience, and the Shakespeare Festival is a success.