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Slammer Girls

  • R
  • 1987-06-01
  • 01:20:00
10/ 10
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A young girl is framed for a crime she didn't commit and sent to the state penitentiary, which is run by a crooked warden and a corrupt staff. A reporter manages to get herself sent to the prison so she can expose the brutal conditions and prove the girl's innocence.


Stupid Movie but funny, i watch it still!

all right, i werked for Hollywood Video and they were throwing this movie out b/c nobody had rented it for 5 years! I quickly grabbed it up and took it home and was surprisingly pleased! this movie is NOT a quality movie, but it's so bad it's funny. i love some of the lines from the movie, and i still laugh at the thought Melody & Russel getting it on. the only bad scene in the movie is the last scene in the movie when the ENTIRE cast breaks into song, totally lame. other than that, good crappy movie. =)

Great hilarious low-budget flick

Warning: Spoilers

This movie is funny because it is a parody of modern politics. It features a governor who obviously forgot to sign up for a course in public relations and runs his office without a hint of restraint. It's raw politics in its purest form. The main character, a girl named Melody becomes a victim of circumstances and gets thrown in a slammer following a showcase trial for a crime she allegedly did not commit, mainly an attempted assassination of the governor where his penis takes the bullet. Having as much prior exposure to the system as she had experience in sex, she becomes a constant scapegoat for her fellow inmates and a tough lesbian warden. As she gradually works her way up through the system, she predictably gets processed into a human vegetable, often a result of some hilarious misunderstandings. The mayor in the meantime, in face of his inability to satisfy his stripper-looking wife any longer, decides to cut down on his losses and get a penis transplant, but the donor he picks up turns out to be gay. He therefore cannot utilize his latest acquisition as originally intended, until his wife dresses up in a boyish sailor suit. The ending consists of some incomprehensible twist in the story which parodies random incomprehensible twists from so many movies out there where plot don't matter. One of the top best and craziest parodying movies out there produced on a low budget. Great laugh, great viewing experience.

Cheesy and funny

This film is definitely not for everyone, and by that I mean if you were not a fan of USA Up All Nite movies, then you probably will not see the humor here. Slammer Girls is so much full of tongue-in-the-cheek humor, it's hard not to find it funny. The humor is obnoxious and it is chocked-full of corny, but hilarious one liners. And it's a women-in-prison movie! It's supposed to be out-of-control, cheesy, full of nudity and laughable.

This is a good film to play drinking games too.

Boring and Not Funny

This movie is so bad it's not even funny and that's a real problem, considering it's supposed to be a comedy. Seriously, this is the type of movie that gives the women in prison genre a bad name and it's hard to believe Lightning Video would stoop this low. OK, I kid, but this film really is dismally not funny and, although I get a sick pleasure from watching movies this bad, I'm sure I'm in the minority. Not one genuine laugh to be had and, while they at least had enough sense to put in some nudity, it isn't enough to help. Oddly, there are some serious B-movie vets lending their talents to this mess and that alone should make it better, but the script is just THAT bad. If you aren't a B-movie masochist who gets their jollies watching irredeemably moronic crap, there's a fair chance you'll hate this thing. Take warning.

Boring and stupid spoof!

In this spoof, a young girl is convicted of a crime she didn't commit and sentenced to serve time in Loch Ness Penitentiary. It is up to a reporter to don the disguise of a woman to enter the prison and prove her innocence.

My Rating:4/10