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Slumber Party Massacre II

  • R
  • 1987-10-30
  • 01:15:00
5/ 10
78 votes

Comedy, Horror

Courtney, the sister of a survivor from the 1st movie and the members of her rock band go to a condo for the weekend to play music and have fun with their boyfriends. Courtney's dreams are of her sister, who is in a mental institution, warning her of having sex, and the dreams begin to spill into real life, threatening Courtney and her friends as they begin experiencing an attrition problem.


I love this movie, has everything a B- movie should have!!!!


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THIS FLICK IS JUST COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This film can be credited as the first musical/horror film, although the assault efforts of the Driller Killer are far more comedic than terrifying. It's great how he bursts into a song and dance routine immediately before killing a hapless victim.

Great 80's B movie!

hey i know this movie didn't set the horror genre on fire but i liked it! It was fun with the chessy 80's songs and the Driller Killers drill guitar...he looks like Dice's demented brother!!! Check it out its a Up All Night movie!!

Now it's time for the fun part!

Oh...My..GOD! Where has this movie been all my life and how come I never heard about it until now?!?!?! Me and a friend rented this on a whim, it had the cover design of a porno movie with the slick presentation of an 80's mastercheese horror flick. I never saw this coming. My face is still sore from laughing so hard 24 hours later.

Slumber Party Massacre 2 is the greatest movie to kill a 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon to. Seriously. I got what I expected out of it, and SO MUCH MORE! Where do I begin! The Driller Killer! He is cooler than Freddy Krueger has been in years. His one liners were hilarious, his dance moves supreme and that kick ass guitar with the drill on it ruled. I also dug the 50's Rockabilly soundtrack.

This is the single greatest Horror/Comedy/Rock n' Roll movie of all time. Joe Bob Briggs would have loved it.

Better than the Rocky Horror Picture show.


Slumber Party Massacre II is a Brilliant Movie. About a Rock and Roll Ghost who kills people with his Guitar that has a Drill Tip. STUNNING. Can you feel the originality and creativity. This movie is so horribly funny I give it 10 out of 10.

In Clearer Words: There are No Scares, but the Black Humor is enough to make you fall over.

***** out of *****

Fans of Horror Movies like this should Check out Puppet Master, Skinned Alive, Sleep Away Camp, and other Full Moon Pictures flicks. For other recommendations, check out the other comments I have sent in by clicking on my name above this comment section.

Almost as great as the first...

Sequel to the 1982 movie continues with one of the survivors of the first film having nightmares of what happened to her years before and what could be happening to her friends in the present. She dreams of The Driller Killer, a leather-clad rocker with a drill bit on the end of his red, spiky guitar. On a weekend trip with her fellow high school band members is when the nightmares get even more terrifying, leaving her completely frightened and paranoid. Of course, her friends think she is losing her mind. But, little do they know that her nightmare is about to cross over into reality when they will soon find out that the Driller Killer is real. Watch out for the birthday cake scene. Highly recommended. Due to it's originality, it's definitely worth a look. Check it out.

One of my favorite horror films from the 80s!

Courtney, the younger sister of the survivor from the first film, suffers from nightmares about the incident. How does she relieve this stress? She and the other members of her female rock group go to a condo for the weekend to play music and have fun with their boyfriends! But her recurring dreams of a leather clad driller killer sporting a electric guitar drill (!) start to mess up the party, especially when the killer enters the real world and kills everyone. I am damn serious when I say that I think this film is one of the best low budget films to come out in the 80s. This movie has it all. It is funny, gory, bizarre (a raw chicken attack; the zit scene), features good acting, has a unique location and stars Crystal Bernard! There is even a musical murder number! The real scene stealers are Joel Hoffman as TJ (doing Spicolli meets Chrisitan Slater) and Atanas Ilitch as the Driller Killer (looking like a cross between Elvis, Corey Haim and Andrew "Dice" Clay). Keeping with Concorde tradition, this entry is also helmed by a woman, Deborah Brock. Most surprising of all is Playboy playmate Kimberly McArthur keeps her clothes on the entire movie. Definitely one of the top 5 films released by Roger Corman's Concorde label.

So silly I was laughing almost the whole time

First off, when you rent a movie with a title like this one, I seriously hope you're not actually expecting to be scared. Or impressed. Really, come on guys! And it's a sequel! If you're in the mood for a good laugh (unfortunately not because it was supposed to be funny), then this is your movie. Although movies like this, ones that are so bad they're good, are usually enjoyed more if they're watched with a group of people with a similar sense of humor.

Honestly, I'm surprised this movie was ever made, but hey, I've seen even worse. I was laughing almost the whole time for a variety of reasons: the weak and fairly cliche plot, some of the silliest camera angles I've ever seen used, terrible continuity editing (there's gore, wait, it's miraculously gone, oh wait it's back again), and some of the worst dialogue ever. Not to mention a rockabilly driller killer (the "evil rocker" as named on the box) who sings as he's trying to kill people in his fringed leather jacket, and who seems to have a pet fog machine that follows him everywhere.

Bring a silly mood, a twisted sense of humor, a few friends, and no expectations of quality to this movie. Definitely one to laugh at and enjoy for its pure stupidity - and wonder how it ever obtained the funding to be made.