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Smothered & Stuffed Foot Slave

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  • 2018-01-01
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Bad Girls

ISADORA EDISON is a typical stressed out, high-powered New York executive. On the advise of a good friend she seeks relief by hiring stress surrogate and devoted submissive foot slave DANNY THE PONY. His method of therapy may be considered unique and unconventional, but his success rate is incredible. DANNY literally puts his mouth, body, and face on the line for his clients, and immediately upon arriving begins his painstaking process. ISADORA stomps on his chest, slaps him in the face repeatedly with her bare feet, and inserts all of her toes into his mouth. Moving to the couch she smothers him with her voluptuous body, and continues to command him to worship her feet. Heated up by the activity, she strips off her top and hikes up her skirt revealing her bra, thong panties and long shapely legs. She then decides to don her high heels, walks on his chest, jumps up and down on his body, and smothers him into unconsciousness. Both parties come away from the experience drained, exhausted, and thoroughly stimulated by this ode to foot, butt, and body worship. Fem dom ISADORA is a fantasy come to life. And as a SPECIAL FREE EXTRA BONUS…download SMOTHERED & STUFFED FOOT SLAVE and receive an additional file containing a gallery of 25 still photo pinup images and action shots from the title!!!

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