Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs

IMDB: 7.4
TMDB: 7.2

A young American and his English wife come to rural England and face increasingly vicious local harassment.

Director: Sam Peckinpah
Keywords: Rape Rape And Revenge Home Invasion Sexual Assault Rape Turns To Consensual Sex American Abroad Sexual Violence Gang Rape Trauma Rural Setting Farmhouse Sexual Cruelty Rapist Clothes Ripping Alcoholism Sex Death Of Pet Breasts Outsider Small Town Rape Victim Hanged Cat Anal Rape Female Nudity Forced Anal Sex Pacifism Psychic Firearm British Villain English Culture Good Vs Evil American In The Uk Dead Briton Dead Englishman Mentally Challenged Man Angry Wife Exhibitionism Intimidation Carnage Shootout Gun Combat Female Singer Exhibitionist Vandalism Timidity Slow Motion Scene Sex Offender Masculinity Childish Behavior Bar Barricade Alienation Mercilessness Revenge Teenage Girl Strangulation Sexual Abuse Reverend Missing Girl Mathematician Cornwall Dysfunctional Marriage Accidental Killing Old Flame Mental Retardation Hunting Dead Cat Black Cat Alcoholic Bear Trap Pacifist Animal In Title Child Molester Based On Novel Independent Film Ex Convict Traumatized Protagonist Turning The Tables British Car Convertible Triumph Motor Vehicle Triumph The Car Triumph Stag Grindhouse Film Cigarette Dartboard Domestic Drama Psychological Drama Revenge Killing Casualties Young Immature Adult Diversion Exterminator Author Mexican Standoff Gore Gun Duel Combat Death Punching Gunfight Exit Wound Working At Home Tree Swing Newton's Cradle Calculus Equation Blackboard Swing Shock Skipping Rope Pet Cat Tease Fireplace Churchyard Machismo Gravestone Bartender Cemetery Making A Scene Cut Telephone Line Complicity Bravery Fired From A Job Grandfather Clock House Fire Arson Resentment Anger Aria Shame Pianist Stage Speech Scream Animal Cruelty Gunshot Phonograph Record Denial Duck Antique Accidental Death Mass Murder Refuge Flirting Passion Farm Pouting Woman Writer Villager Vicar Uncle Nephew Relationship Truck Subjective Camera Stalled Car Song Soccer Ball Singing Singer Shooting Self In Foot Sanctuary Safe Haven Rifle Recording Record Player Rage Pub Provocation Prayer Peace Sign Pathology Party Party Hat Pain Noise Maker Nausea Murder By Gunshot Montage Mirror Marriage Magistrate Magician Magic Trick Loss Loud Music Knife Killing A Cat Reference To Jesus Christ Isolation Irony Hooligan Hiding Hand Slap Gun Greenhouse Gang Fog Fireplace Poker Fake Nose Encirclement Drunkenness Dog Destroying Property Insane Man Defiance Darts Finger Cut Cousin Cousin Relationship Cornish Village Controversy Computer Church Bell Chewing Gum Cavemen Ethic Car Radio Cane Candle Brother Brother Relationship Male Female Relationship Breaking A Window Breaking Glass Boiling Vinegar Bird Tricycle Bathroom Arm Sling Ale Flashback Countryside Cuckold Burglary Whiskey Trap Threat Stairs Shot To Death Shot In The Stomach Shot In The Foot Shot In The Chest Shooting Self-defense Scientist Sadness Sadist Sadism Room Rat Rampage Old Man Night Murder Moral Corruption Mistreatment Saucer Of Milk Major Loss Of Control Living Room Knife Throwing Kiss Hypocrite Hypocrisy Husband Wife Relationship Roof Repair Hostility Homicide Home Hit By A Car Fire Fight Fear Slapped In The Face Evil Drink Drinking Disappointment Destruction Desperation Dead Girl Dead Bird Curtain Crying Cruelty Corruption Roofer Closet Chalk Cat Car Caress Burn Burn Injury Bully Brutality Broken Window Broken Glass Bottle Bitterness Bed Bedroom Beating Beaten To Death Shotgun Chess Car Accident Village Country Home Switchblade Siege Foot Blown Off Hillbilly Horror American Cult Film Church Cigar Smoking Cigarette Smoking

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