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Sweden: Heaven and Hell

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  • 1968-09-04
  • 01:30:00
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The film is made up essentially of nine sketches with a voice off narrator linking the scenes. Those sketches were described thus in the English poster devised for theatrical distribution in the UK and the USA: 

The Love Cruise: A training trip for turned-on teens.

The Bachelorette Party: A bride-to-be's last fling.

The Public Library of Private Thrills: Government erotica.

Moonlighting Nudes: Meter-maids by day - models at night.

The Swap Shop: A trade-in deal for married couples only.

The Polar Bare Club: The world's most beautiful snow-girls.

Stockolm Strip: A haven for hippies, where everything is free.

Communal for Survival: The radiation-proof city beneath a city.

Stockolm's Students: A love generation that practices what it preaches.

Directed by:

Luigi Scattini

Writing Credits:

Luigi Scattini