SassyFlix | The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

  • R
  • 1976-04-01
  • 01:44:00
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Comedy, Musical

Interesting concept, fairly ineptly executed... This movie is remarkably faithful to it's source material, and played for laughs, Don Quixote being a delusional buffoon in search of knighthood, trying to 'save' various people who don't need saving and getting into unnecessary (and badly choreographed) fights.

Of course the acting is universally poor and the production values low - the same location and set is used for many different scenes and this does become somewhat confusing, especially if you are half asleep when viewing this, as I was...

It's also a musical. This does give rise to the fairly regular occurrence of topless women bursting into song (well, poorly-timed lip-sync) about some plot element - be it that they were interrupted during sex, who will set them free from their chastity belt or suggesting that one should not be afraid of an "itty-bitty whore". The men also sing, my favourite being Sancho Panza singing about how one can have oral sex and thus avoid getting pregnant.

Pretty much all over the place, though amusing in parts. I'm giving this an extra half star because the songs were quite fun (albeit not always particularly tuneful).