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The Boss' Wife

  • R
  • 1986-01-01
  • 01:23:00
  • Comedy


Joel Keefer (Daniel Stern) has a lot going on. He’s trying to get his wife, Janet (Melanie Mayron) pregnant so he’s had to ‘abstain’ for three weeks. He’s trying to advance in his career as a stock broker at the Roalvang Company. The biggest challenge he is facing is dodging the advances of his boss, Mr. Roalvang’s (Christopher Plummer) beautiful wife, Louise (Arielle Dombasle). What’s making it even harder is that she wants to get caught and does most of her seducing within close proximity to her husband. Throw in competition for the job with Dugdale (Martin Mull), babysitting Carlos (Fisher Stevens) and the idiosyncracies of Mr. Raolvang and you’ve got one hilarious movie. Arielle Dombasle looks pretty good topless too.


Decent, Shamefully Overlooked Comedy

THE BOSS' WIFE has been a favorite of mine for years. Sure, it's preposterous, but this is screwball comedy; and the premise may not be the most original, but the actors do a great job. Christopher Plummer is great; Arielle Dombasle is drop-dead beautiful and perfectly cast as his dangerously flirtatious wife. Fisher Stevens as Carlos Delgado, the conceptual artist and photographer--whose work centers around p***ing off complete strangers, then photographing them while they're in a rage--is a perfect foil for Daniel Stern, who can't seem to be rid of him. Yeah, seeing Arielle Dombasle nude appeals to my baser side; but I'd rather see her nekkid than anyone else in show biz today. Martin Mull as a professional ass-licker is at his best in this film. A pleasure, despite what others might tell you -- watch it!

The 1980s Comedy

I don't think the published reviewer watched any of it after the opening titles -- because Daniel Stern is resisting, running away, and trying to avoid the attentions of the Boss' Wife.

Perhaps I was just in a good mood for a farce with mistaken identities and quick exits and entrances. Plummer was just sooooo excellent as a slimy investment top gun. Martin Mull was soooooo creepy as the rival to Daniel stern -- both candidates for promotion. And Fisher Stevens as the photographer-masseur is terrific as Carlos Delgado, the source of irritation and distraction and deception. Maybe his best role ever for this fine character actor. Both ladies were easy on the eyes and seductive.

The writer and director used fine material to make an entertaining 83 minutes from start to finish IMVHO.

Wonderful light comedy

This movie is one of my all time favorite light comedy offerings. Christopher Plummer is a master as the neurotic Mr. Roalvang who simply cannot bear to be challenged. He is able to cause his wimpy employee, Daniel Stern, to succumb to his demands by confronting him with a question: "Are you challenging me, Smokey?" Another absolute comic genius is Martin Mull, who becomes more obnoxious the harder he tries to be the favored employee, Tony Dugdale. But none of these three men can deal with the problems caused by the overly, overtly, demandingly erotic Mrs. Roalvang (Arielle Dombasle).

Much of the action takes place on a train, or there are references to trains. Mr. Roalvang even has his lunch delivered on an electric toy train. There is a great scene when Mrs. Roalvang does her bombastic walk through the train station.

The writing is terrific. The actors are great. I have to watch it at least once a year for a laugh fix. I rank it with "Long, Long, Trailer" or "Mr. Blanding's Builds His Dream House."


The Boss' Wife

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