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The Galaxy Invader

  • PG
  • 1985-04-01
  • 01:19:00
3/ 10
1222 votes

When a glowing object, (which seems to be a meteor) careens toward the Earth, a young student, David Harmon (Greg Dohler), who sees it, is narrowly missed as it falls into the forest ahead of him. He calls his old high school teacher, Dr. William Tracy (Dick Dyszel), to tell him about this potential UFO landing. 

A couple of hours later, a young couple hears a noise in their basement and go down to see what it is. As they slowly descend into the basement, they are terrified and wrestled to the ground by a green monster known as the 'Galaxy Invader'.[4] Joe Montague (Richard Ruxton), is angered by his daughter, Carol (Faye Tilles), at breakfast and chases her through the woods with a gun. After encountering the alien and finding the power source to its weapon, the space ball, Frank Custer (Don Leifert), advises Joe to hunt the alien for a reward. 

The alien is hunted by a gang of locals led by Montague intent on cashing in on the creature. Joe captures the alien and ties it up in his garage. Dr. Tracy and David break into the garage and set the alien free. As they flee the garage into the woods, Frank shoots Dr. Tracy. The alien returns and shoots Frank, then Joe shoots the alien and takes back the space gun. Frank's wife comes looking for him at Joe's house and following his history of domestic violence, Joe tries to rape her. 

In the struggle, Joe shoots Frank's wife using the space gun. Joe's family conspire with Michael Smith (Cliff Lambert), Carol's Boyfriend, to set the alien free and return it home. When they steal the weapons from Joe's sleeping hands, he suddenly wakes and pursues the group with a shotgun. Holding the group and gunpoint, when all hope is lost, the alien appears and attacks Joe. Joe kills the alien using the space gun, but it gives enough time for Michael Smith to get the jump on Joe. A fight ensues and ends with Joe's wife, Ethel (Anne Frith), knocking him off a cliff.