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The Marriage-Go-Round

  • NR
  • 1961-01-06
  • 01:38:00
  • Comedy


At a Florida college, professor Paul Delville and wife Content, who is the school's dean of women, anticipate visitors from Sweden. The people they expect are a former colleague, Professor Sveg, and his daughter Katrin.

Katrin arrives alone. The Delvilles are astounded that Katrin, whom they remember as a gangly teenager, has grown into a statuesque, blonde bombshell. Their astonishment is just the beginning because Katrin brashly announces that she wants Paul to sire a baby with her, assuring offspring with both brains and beauty.

Paul is flustered by Katrin's unwillingness to take no for an answer. She gives him a nude statue of herself, suns herself at his house in nothing but a skimpy towel, then shows up at a swim team practice in a provocative bathing suit.

Katrin's come-ons become a greater temptation, causing Content to seek the advice of a friend on campus, Dr. Ross Barnett, a married professor. Ross dares her to "call his bluff", which is his way of trying to seduce Content herself. She returns home and finds her husband and Katrin in a passionate kiss, but when he swears his allegiance and that nothing has happened, Content believes him. Katrin finally gives up and decides to try someone else.


Sweet comedy

I am a long-time James Mason fan, and he showed his comedic side in several films, this being one of them. The premise is sweet and this film is perfect for a rainy afternoon or for when you just want to watch an enjoyable movie that does not contain violence, objectionable language or loud special effects. If you are a James Mason fan, this is a must-see. He is handsome, suave and dashing in this film and his touch for light comedy is fun to watch and a nice change from his more typical serious roles. He is in "A Touch of Larceny" and "Tiara Tahiti" form here, and carries the light comedy very well. I recommend this film to everyone who enjoys a nice romantic comedy, and especially to those who appreciate Mr. Mason's considerable charm, talent and touch for comedy.


The Marriage-Go-Round

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