SassyFlix | Thirst


  • R
  • 1979-09-28
  • 01:35:00
6/ 10
27 votes

Horror, Romance, Thriller

The plot revolves around single professional Kate Davis (Contouri), who is kidnapped by a shadowy organization known as 'The Brotherhood'. This organization believes her to be a direct descendant of Elizabeth Báthory and claim to be part of an ancient race that consumes blood in order to retain their youth and strength. They have taken her to a hospital-like compound where they clinically 'bleed' brainwashed and hypnotised humans and harvest and consume their blood. Kate is horrified by what she sees and refuses to join, as well as to take one of the Brotherhood as a mate, leading to them using hallucinogens to break down her resistance. Only one member, Dr. Fraser (Hemmings), is against this treatment as he believes that it will only result in losing her respect for them even if it was successful. Kate is brainwashed and initiated into the cult through a ceremony that involves her using fake metallic fangs to drink the blood of a sacrificial victim.

Once home Kate acts as if she has seemingly forgotten all of what has happened, only for her to end up killing a woman in her apartment and drinking her blood. Once back at the compound Kate is still resistant to drinking blood and taking the lives of other humans. In an attempt to make her comply the Brotherhood kidnaps her lover Derek (Rod Mullinar) and takes him to the farm. Dr. Fraser helps him escape and seeks out Kate, seemingly in attempt to reunite them, only to reveal he is also descended from a vampire lineage and seeks a union with her. He did save Derek from the farm, but only so he could drain Derek's blood and offer it to Kate. Initially angry at seeing Derek's drained body, Kate's will is finally broken and she submits to Dr. Fraser and the Brotherhood.