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Tortured Females

  • NR
  • 1965-10-07
  • 01:02:00
5/ 10
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Crime, Horror

TORTURED FEMALES is one of few surviving films distributed by super-cheap Mitam Productions, which was essentially like a west coast version of New York City's Distribpix.

Helen (Denine Dubois) comes running out of a house screaming for her life. Her dress is ripped, her boobs exposed but she manages to track down a cop who she tells her experience to. It turns out that Helen was kidnapped by Karl (Jud Barry), a sadistic nut who along with his hunchback keeps women locked up in his house where he forces them to dance naked for him.

If you're a fan of Something Weird Video then you probably know that a lot of the films are pure trash and are pretty awful. Every once in a while you'll come across one that is so bad it's good like THE GIRL AND THE GEEK. Other times you'll come across one that's actually a good movie like AROUSED. More often than not the films are really bad and that's the level TORTURED FEMALES falls into it but thankfully it's weird enough to make it worth watching.

There are some really nutty things that happen in this film. We can start by the fact Helen finds the police officer with her boob hanging out and throughout the entire time she's talking to him she never bothers to cover herself or him offer her clothing. Another hilarious moment comes towards the end of the film when we see several girls doing stripteases. There's one woman who appears to have never danced in her life and seeing her wiggle around is just downright insane.

Dubois is a very beautiful woman so seeing her naked throughout the running time is no big issue. The film lasts just sixty minutes and the director keeps us supplied with naked women throughout. The film could have been much better had the final act not been dragged down by one striptease after another. A few more campy moments certainly would have been nice.

Either way, TORTURED FEMALES is a really bad but somewhat funny movie that fans of low-budget trash will enjoy.

Directed by:

Arch Hudson

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