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Vice Academy


This first film introduces us to a batch of misfits who are all in training to become members of the vice squad in Los Angeles. The star student of the class, Holly (Ginger Lynn), is pretty much a shoe in as her daddy is the chief of police and he's not above pulling a few strings for her. What Holly doesn't realize is that she'll have to compete with Didi (Linnea Quigley of Return Of The Living Dead) for the top spot in the class. Didi and her classmate Shawnee (Karen Russell) are going to go undercover to bust a porno movie operation and a prostitution racket wide open whether Holly thinks it's fair or not.

This first film in the series is horrible, but it is watchable in the way that only horrible movies can be. As stupid as it is, the film manages to be an entertaining and somewhat sleazy little movie that in present day works best as a time capsule of when it was made more than as an actually funny comedy. The fashions and wardrobe (much of which was provided by the actresses themselves) all scream late 80s as does the bad score and the bad hair. Large portions of the movie were shot on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles so the adult bookstores and porno movie theaters that you see in the movie are definitely authentic and they add some interesting charm to the film.

Ginger Lynn (credited throughout the series as Ginger Lynn Allen in a veiled attempt to distance herself from her adult film career, though shortly after she left she'd return) and Linnea Quigley are enjoyable enough to look at here, both in their prime, and the cattiness between them is quite heartfelt and genuinely dumb. Look for Viper, the adult film star who mysteriously disappeared years ago never to be seen again, in a small supporting role as a smut movie director as well as Tamara Clatterbuck of Days Of Our Lives and General Hospital as a lady of the evening.