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A Bullet for Pretty Boy


Oklahoma farmer Charles Floyd marries Ruby. At the reception, some goons insult Ruby and Charles attacks them. This results in Floyd's father and one of the goons being killed. Floyd is convicted of the crime and sent to work on the chain gang.

Several years later Floyd escapes from prison and takes refuge in a brothel run by Beryl, where prostitute Betty falls for him. Beryl's brother Wallace wants Betty for himself and starts to hate Floyd, giving him the nickname "Pretty Boy".

The brothel is a hangout for Ned Short and his gang of bank robbers. Floyd joins them and becomes a full-fledged criminal.

Floyd returns to Oklahoma to see his wife. They still love each other but she can't be with him because he is now a bank robber. He then goes on a crime spree with another member of the gang, an old friend called Preacher. Pretty Boy Floyd is eventually killed. 


Not very close to the facts, but entertaining nonetheless

This one follows the exploits of Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd (Fabian) and his gang as they rob banks through out Midwestern states (although it was entirely shot in Texas). It is pretty obvious that director Larry Buchanan is cashing in on the success of BONNIE & CLYDE (1967); for the second time actually as he made a B&C ripoff in 1968. For a low budget picture, they capture the small town feel pretty well. But reading any quick online bio for Floyd will show you the filmmakers are playing fast and loose with the truth. Floyd here - perhaps thanks to Woody Guthrie's song - is a romanticized, modern day Robin Hood-type with plenty of love for the ladies. Fabian acquits himself well in the lead role and the gorgeous Jocelyn Lane plays his love interest Betty. Adam Roarke has a small role as the character Preacher. An amazing amount of the supporting cast (Annabelle Weenick, Camilla Carr, Hugh Feagin, Gene Ross) later showed up in the horror works of S.F. Brownrigg.

The saga of the Pretty Boy

In an effort to recharge his career as his popularity as teenage idol was now well behind him Fabian took the title role of that notorious public enemy of the Thirties Pretty Boy Floyd. It never worked and Fabian was now making his living in nostalgia concerts and an occasional film role in support. He even used his full name of Fabian Forte in the billing for this American-International Release.

Charles Arthur Floyd was a child of the 20s in dust bowl Oklahoma where they didn't share in the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties and it got worse than ever in the Depression. The film is hardly an accurate portrayal of his life still Fabian does give a good account of himself as the good looking and heartbreaking bandit who got to the position of Public Enemy Number 1 for a brief spell.

With the exception of Adam Roarke who went on to become an acting teacher of some repute as gang member Preacher you'll not have heard of any of the rest of the cast members. In a way that's good because they blend quite nicely into the story and no one takes any attention from the star.

Fabian's performance was all right, nothing special, no Oscar material here. A Bullet For Pretty Boy did fail to ignite any great enthusiasm for him as thespian.

More than one bullet in reserve for this gangster.

Warning: Spoilers

A lot of liberties have been taken with the biography of bank robber Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd. Looking past facts in contention, Pretty boy recording artist Fabian from Philly plays the criminal from Oklahoma, "Pretty Boy" Floyd. Floyd breaks out of prison where he was serving time for killing a hometown rival. Outrunning the hounds, Floyd makes it to Kansas City and teams up with a gang of bank robbers. The front pages of newspapers in the 30's heralded the exploits of the bank robber with the baby face. In spite of thinking about his pregnant wife Ruby(Astrid Warner), Floyd is seduced successfully by a beautiful 'working girl' named Betty(Jocelyn Lane). Government agent Hossler(Robert Glenn)getting closer and closer to capturing Floyd, manages to ambush and gun down the gangster, who was already in the mood to end the chase. The musical score is one of the most horrible you could suffer through. And Fabian is not even singing. Grab a few snacks and a lot of 'cold ones', and this flick isn't really that bad. It may even provoke you into seeking out one of the good "Pretty Boy" Floyd bios at the library. I have to give props to Fabian for actually doing a decent job. Miss Lane is absolutely fetching; but not the stone cold fox she played in the Elvis Presley flick TICKLE ME. Others in the cast: Adam Roarke, Jeff Alexander, Desmond Dhooge and Camilla Carr.