SassyFlix | A Virgin Among the Living Dead

A Virgin Among the Living Dead

  • NR
  • 1973-11-15
  • 01:19:00
5/ 10
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The student Christina Reiner travels from her boarding school in London to the castle of her family in Montserrat for the reading of the will of her father that she has never known and recently committed suicide. On the arrival, she spends the night in an inn and people tell that nobody lives at the castle. On the next morning, the mute servant Basilio brings Christina to the Montserrat castle, where she meets her weird Uncle Howard that is playing waltz on the piano and her cousin Carmencé that is painting her nails and they tell that her stepmother Herminia is on the deathbed. She visits Hermínia that tells her to leave the castle and dies. Christina also meets her Aunt Abigail and a Blind Girl and while waiting for the attorney, she entwines daydreams and nightmares with reality. When she has an encounter with the spirit of her deceased father Ernesto Pablo Reiner, he tries to warn her to leave that place that is evil, but it is too late.