Blood Rage

Blood Rage

IMDB: 5.8
TMDB: 5.7

In 1974, Terry commits a murder and pins it on his twin brother, Todd. Ten years later, Todd escapes from a mental institution on the same day as Terry’s murderous instincts resurface.

Released: 1987-06-01
Duration: 01:24:00
Genre: Horror
Director: John Grissmer
Genre: Horror
Keywords: Slasher Killer Female Full Frontal Nudity Thanksgiving Drive In Theater Telephone Machete Condom Interrupted Sex Killed During Sex Severed Hand Evil Twin Swimming Pool Tennis Gore Mother Son Relationship Couch Sliced In Two Flashlight Bloody Face Popcorn Bloody Popcorn Woods Holiday Horror Kissing In Public Rear Nudity Screaming Woman Jogging Chopped To Pieces Party Girl Nude Woman In A Shower Female Nudity Promiscuous Woman Naive Girl Killing Own Child Sleeping In A Car Sex In A Car Jogger Teenager Marriage Announcement Beer Can Mistaken For One's Twin Brother Impaled With A Knife Woman Cut In Half Tasting Blood Tomato Juice Talking To A Dead Body Crying Baby Baseball Glove Tennis Court Wielding An Axe Grindhouse Film Two Word Title Intense Violence Wilderness Braless Teen Slasher Stalker Slasher Horror Female Rear Nudity Killed With A Machete Handsome Man Male Frontal Nudity Beefcake Man With A Hairy Chest Male Rear Nudity Brother Man Tequila Voice Over Narration Accusation Of Murder Ends With A Freeze Frame Neighbor Neighbor Relationship Woman Runs Naked B Movie Twin Rage Blood Escape Murder Framed For Murder Diving Board Cutting Off A Hand Hand Cut Off Murder Spree Butcher Stabbed To Death Stabbing Insanity Butchery Sadistic Psychopath Terror Psycho Terror Psycho Thriller Evil Man Evil Bad Guy Villain Insane Man Psycho Killer Human Monster Psychopathic Killer Psychotic Psychopath Homicidal Maniac Crime Spree Body Count Maniac 1980s Mutilation Machete Mutilation Serial Murder Slaughter Slashing Serial Killer Independent Horror Low Budget Film B Horror American Horror Cult Film Face Slashed Stabbed In The Neck Axe In The Head Decapitation Blood Splatter Stabbed In Chest Severed Head Intestines Slasher Makeup Captive Revenge Doctor Cleaning Psychiatric Hospital Suicide Split Head Disembodied Hand Baby Rampage Dismemberment Murdered With An Axe Violence Stabbed In The Throat Football Independent Film

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