IMDB: 3.6
TMDB: 4.2

A genetically manipulated and very hungry dinosaur escapes from a bioengineering company and wreaks havoc on the local desert town. A security guard and a girl environmentalist try to stop both it and the company's doomsday bioweapon.

Released: 1993-05-21
Duration: 01:23:00
Tags: Monster
Tags: Monster
Keywords: Massacre Female Mad Scientist Construction Equipment Velociraptor Biological Weapon Mutation Female Environmentalist Villainess Mad Scientist Tyrannosaurus Rex Genetic Bioengineering Biotech Sci Fi Dinosaur Scientist Gore B Movie Based On Novel Impregnation Love Interest Death Of Love Interest Death Of Protagonist Ironic Death Of Villain Mother Dies In Childbirth Death Of Villain Tragedy Head Blown Off Government Death Squad Viral Infection Doomsday Weapon Bobcat The Construction Vehicle Blood Giving Birth To A Monster Woman Gives Birth To A Dinosaur Foreshadowing Death Squad Mass Murder Waitress Head Bitten Off Duel Antidote Human Extinction Bio Engineering Company Apocalypse Murder Of A Family Impalement Psychotronic Film Decapitation Environmental Group Environmental Protest No Survivors Grindhouse Film Meat Processing Plant Creature Feature Security Guard Tragic Ending Security Camera Surveillance Suspense Electronic Music Score 1990s Filmed Killing Senator Grindhouse Science Runs Amok Pistol B Horror Lasersight Monster Movie Rifle Creature Monster Giant Creature Giant Monster Deoxyribonucleic Acid Genetic Engineering Written By Director Low Budget Film Shotgun Female Scientist Machine Gun Genocide Megalomaniac Sociopath Female Sociopath Evolution Pregnancy Pregnant Woman Chicken Sheriff Black Cop Corpse Dead Body Animal Attack Animal Killing Laboratory Secret Laboratory Corporation Laser Elevator Police Officer Killed Severed Head Head Ripped Off Severed Leg Severed Arm Stabbed Through The Back Rampage Killing Spree Eaten Alive Disembowelment Body Count Murder Violence Brutality Mercilessness Held At Gunpoint Rescue Escape Deception Betrayal Double Cross Ambush Blood Splatter Gory Violence Near Death Experience Race Against Time Survival Survival Horror Fear Danger Panic Diner Roadblock Shot In The Chest Hazmat Suit Flamethrower General Soldier Military U.S. Army Jeep F Word Urination Man With A Ponytail Quarry Showdown Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed To Death Pet Shop Phone Booth Doctor Infection Outbreak Sneeze Truck Truck Driver Recreational Vehicle Drunkenness Sunglasses Activist Washington D.c. Disaster Natural Horror Offscreen Killing Cover-up Paranoia Microscope Laser Cutter Biohazard Top Secret Secret Experiment Rooftop Nevada Cowboy Hat Boardroom Scar Scarface Green Blood Dark Comedy No Ending Egg Virus Desert First Of Series One Word Title First Part First Of Trilogy Vegetarian Credits Rolling Down Death Shot To Death Cult Film Independent Film Surprise Ending

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