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Cheerleader Kitty

  • R
  • 1990-06-01
  • 00:28:00
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The Kitty G Show

It’s a fantasy come true as KITTY bounces in wearing her shiny cheerleader outfit. She addresses HONEY as though he was her Professor, and tells him how she would do anything to get a good grade in his class. She dances and cheers for him, lies down and does amazing acrobatic splits, revealing her long silky legs under her short skirt and black & white polka dot panties. Professor HONEY admits how he’s always fantasized about looking under a cheerleader’s skirt, seeing her without panties, so KITTY slowly, hesitatingly obliges. She removes her panties, and hands them to him right into the camera as he inhales her incredible fragrance. Slowly hiking up the skirt, we see her bare buns, and, as she jumps for joy about getting an “A”, we briefly glimpse her unadorned torso. Freeze-frame pause button alert for sure!

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