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Schoolgirl Kitty

  • R
  • 1990-03-01
  • 00:28:00
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The Kitty G Show

In SCHOOLGIRL KITTY, Into the apartment comes the sweetest little schoolgirl ever to come home clutching her books to her ample bosom. Dressed in a tight white blouse, hip hugging plaid miniskirt, and little white anklet socks, KITTY is a breathtaking vision of innocent youth. She regales HONEY with stories of how her professors seemed distracted by her, literally pops her buttons as her top opens up revealing her pure white vintage brassiere underneath, and then joins HONEY on the floor where we get a glimpse of her equally white panties. From below, HONEY encourages KITTY to lift up her skirt and show him her beautiful booty barely encased by her extremely minimal pair of panties..

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