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Country Cuzzins

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  • 1972-03-17
  • 01:30:00
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Heee-haaaw! Harry Novak presents two Southern-style sex comedies chock-full of hayseed honeys and redneck rebels. Grandma Peabody wants to see all her kinfolk before she kicks the bucket, so Billie Jo, Jeeter, Uncle Fester, and the gang hold a family reunion that even includes high-falutin' Cousin Prudence from the big city.

After guzzling some high-octane moonshine, Pru gets down and dirty and invites her clan to visit her in L.A. When these country cuzzins actually show up, Prudence has more than her hands full with everybody dancing to country music, getting naked, and playing "Look and Touch" like they were raised in a barn!