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Evil Bong

  • NR
  • 2006-10-31
  • 01:26:00
3/ 10
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Comedy, Horror



Nerdy college student Alistair McDowell moves in with law school drop-out Larnell, and his current roommates typical "surfer-stoner" Bachman and former baseball player Brett. When Larnell sees an ad for a large bong that the previous owner claims was "possessed", he responds. They receive the bong and start smoking (with the exception of Alistair). Alistair meets Brett’s girlfriend Luann and her friend Janet, who Alistair develops a crush on.

Later that night, Bachman’s soul is pulled into The Bong World, which takes the form of a hellish strip club, inside Evil Bong, where he meets Ooga Booga and Ivan Burroughs, who warns him to watch himself around the Evil Bong. He's introduced to one of the strippers (Kristen Cladwell) who has skulls on her bra that start biting his neck, killing him, while Ooga Booga watches on, masturbating. The next morning, the other roommates find Bachman dead on the couch. Alistair tells to them that it's probably from the weed but Larnell points out they all smoked the weed. Larnell also notices that the bong has changed; a face has started to appear. The trio hide his body and are nearly caught when Larnell's paralyzed, wealthy grandfather, Cyril, comes by to tell Larnell that he just got remarried.

Later on, the bong (voiced by Michele Mais) starts speaking to Larnell (to Larnell only, no one else hears) and tempts him to smoke from her, which he does. Pulled into the Bong World, he sees Bachman (who seems to be fine), the Gingerdead Man, and Cyril. Eventually a stripper gives Larnell a lap dance, and he's killed in a similar way that Bachman was killed. Back in the real world, Luann and Janet come over and the group (again with the exception of Alistair) smokes from the bong. After Brett and Luann pass out, they wake up in the same strip club and they're greeted by Jack Attack, and Luann is taken away by the bouncer. Brett is then treated by his ex-girlfriend Carla Brewster, a stripper in the Bong World. She eventually uses her lip-cupped bra to bite off Brett's genitals, killing him.

Meanwhile, when Alistair starts figuring out what's going on, Janet falls prey to the bong and passes out. Jimbo Leary (Tommy Chong) enters and proclaims that the bong, named Eebee, is his and has a voodoo curse on it: once you take enough hits from it, it brings you to the Bong World where it kills you. In order to save Janet, Alistair enters the bong world. Meanwhile, Jimbo tries destroying the bong with a hammer, chainsaw, and (resorting to drastic measures) a bomb. Eebee unleashes a cloud of marijuana smoke, causing Jimbo to pass out.

Meanwhile, in the Bong World, Eebee forces the strippers to seduce Alistair, but he breaks them off. During his search, he bumps into Jack Deth. Once he finds a stoned Janet, Eebee reveals her motives: to control the world by turning the air into pot smoke and the oceans into bong water, making everyone massive stoners. They take "vitamins" (that Jimbo gave them) to make them sober again. Jimbo, who has just got sucked into the bong world, tells them to go ahead and escape while he takes care of Eebee. Jimbo shows Eebee the time bomb strapped to his chest. He activates the bomb and blows up Eebee. Back in the real world, the gang has their souls returned and everyone comes back to life. However, Jimbo has been apparently killed, along with the bong, which is now shattered into pieces. The final scene shows that Jimbo is now the “king” of the Bong World.