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Ghost Story

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  • 1974-03-19
  • 01:27:00
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During the 1930s, three privileged old University friends gather for the week-end in an old country house located in a sprawling British estate. In fact, McFadden (Murray Melvin), the estate's owner, which he has recently inherited, invites his two college acquaintances Talbot (Larry Dann) and Duller (Vivian MacKerrell) ostensibly for a week-end of game hunting. Duller is sullen and rude, though an excellent shot while Talbot is easygoing but puzzled as to why he was asked along, especially when his colleagues continually abuse and ridicule him. As soon as they arrive, personality clashes, petty arguments and gloomy environment start on wear on everyone's nerves. To make matters worse, McFadden neglects to mention that the place might be haunted. During the night, Talbot begins to have strange hallucinations involving a creepy porcelain doll and the former occupants of the mansion; he finds himself transported back into time, bearing witness to the trials and tribulations of a young woman Sophy (Marianne Faithfull), who once resided in the house. As the story progresses, the tenuous ties that bind the men together begin to unravel and the strange visions begin to become more and more vivid until they threaten to drive one of them, Talbot mad. It turns out to be haunted by the previous occupants, though only Talbot can see them. Finally, McFadden admits that he invited Talbot and Duller because he had heard rumours that the house was haunted and he chose them both as likely subjects to draw any spirits out in the open. As the visions become more frequent and detailed, Talbot is thrust into a strange supernatural realm of incest, arson and madness that is impossible to escape from.