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Her Odd Tastes

  • NR
  • 1969-07-23
  • 01:12:00
5/ 10
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Comedy, Drama

A woman embarks on a worldwide quest for sexual fulfillment, experimenting in the exotic jungles of Africa to the swinging beaches of California, no desire left unfulfilled.

This was a sequel to a lost film called "Odd Tastes"; it stars the lovely Marsha Jordon, and follows her amorous sexcapades across the globe.

Christine Hunter (Marsha Jordan) breaks the fourth wall, telling the audience that she had to leave home after a sexual encounter with her sister.

This film certainly starts out with a bang - with a lesbian sex scene between the sisters (played by actress Capri).

As a cordless vibrator saleslady, she visits the house of Charles Odman (the supposed protagonist of the first film "Odd Tastes"). He tries to rape her at knife point, but she stabs him and escapes.

She's rescued by a publisher, John Franklin (Michael Perrotta), who offers to help her clean up the crime scene.  He discovers Charles Odman's journal - apparently a study of pleasure and pain.  The publisher says, if she'll continue his work, he would agree to publish it.

Retracing Odman's journeys, she first heads to Hong Kong where she meets with a madame described in his journal. Next thing you know, Christine is naked on the rug being pleasured by oriental exotic techniques.

Her next stop is South Africa where she meets a cult leader played by Steve Vincent.  He offers her a bubbling concoction.

She ends up drugged and naked on a satanic altar where she is humped by the cult members.

Traveling through the African bush, she's taken in by a young man named Mark.  Marsha Jordan delivers some full frontal nudity as she's given proper clothing to wear by the gentleman. Mark's father catches him having sex with Christine, and his response is to rape the woman. Mark pulls a pistol and shoots his father dead.

Mark tells her it's going to be okay, and sends her on her way. The last stop on her journey takes her to Tunis where she meets a sheikh. Christine has a good ol' time joining in the harem's fun... at least a lot more fun than being sacrificed at a satanic mass or being raped in the African bush.

Christine returns home.  In the bubble bath, she contemplates how degenerate she's become.  She vows to stop following Odman's research, otherwise she'll end up just like him. Christine meets with the John Franklin who is quite pleased with her work. The publisher has an odd request.  John leads her to a La-Z-Boy recliner...

John confesses that he's found the perfect combination of pleasure and pain.  The pleasure: from the pounding he's giving her.  The pain: he has rigged the recliner to deliver electric shocks.

But the pleasure/pain combo is too much.  The electric shocks are delivered and they both die.  THE END

This was a passable flick due to Marsha Jordan being naked throughout.  This one-time Delta airline stewardess made a ton of sexploitation films from the late sixties through the early seventies: a short period, but quite prolific. Quite frankly, anything she was in deserves a watch.

Besides Marsha Jordan's presence, another reason to watch would simply be a curiosity factor.  This movie is just fucking bizarre.  It shifts from dark satanic ritual to frolicking fun in an oil sheikh's tent, then back to dark with the main character getting sizzled on an electric La-Z-Boy recliner!   What a weird ride.  ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆