SassyFlix | Horror House on Highway Five

Horror House on Highway Five

  • NR
  • 1985-01-01
  • 01:27:00
4/ 10
546 votes

Comedy, Horror

As part of a project are sent to a place called Littletown to investigate and research a supposedly deceased German, and possible Nazi, ex-patriot rocket scientist, named Frederick Bartholomew who it seems was supposedly responsible for the V2 rocket before embarking on a murderous rampage slaying all who he worked with in his final days spent here in America. In Honor of this achievement our project student group have got to make replicas of the rockets whilst at that location.

A trio of this select members wind up stumbling across a pair of demented brothers, one, Mabuser is an unlicensed doctor, who's become mentally unhinged due to being convince destructive parasites have infested his brain, while his stuttering teenage brother Gary, is a shy and lonely psychopath with a thing for Tarot cards and concealed necrophiliac tendencies. All the while their father prowls the nights' lonely highways, dressed in one of his previous of all things Richard Nixon (complete with matching mask).