SassyFlix | House on Bare Mountain

House on Bare Mountain

  • NR
  • 1962-06-01
  • 01:02:00
4/ 10
561 votes

Comedy, Horror

Mr. and Mrs. Baumgartner, local law enforcement officers in disguise, arrive at Granny Good's School for Good Girls on the pretext of enrolling their "daughter," Prudence. Their real purpose is to investigate suspicious activities at the school. "Granny" is actually a male bootlegger and the school a cover for a bootlegging racket. A voyeur, Granny takes many opportunities to watch the female students as they mingle in the dormitory without their clothes.

She tells her chief assistant, Krakow, a 7-foot-tall wolfman, that their annual costume ball will divert attention from a large batch of liquor that is to be bottled and delivered that night. Prudence suspects Granny's ruse and goes to the basement to investigate. The party becomes a drunken brawl; the guests dance in the nude as Dracula and Frankenstein's monster join in the fun. The police arrive and pursue Granny to the basement. There she chains Prudence, the police chief, his men, and Krakow to the still, forcing them to load up the boxes for the outgoing shipment.